Where you can find us

Our opening hours usually take place in the CIP Pool (room 0.113-11)  in the building between Inorganic Chemistry and Physical Chemistry right next to the red square.

Opening hours

You can find the info in our menu.

MZP Acces

The MZP is a StudOn course, run by our association. It contains files of previous exams.
To access the course, a deposit at our association needs to be made. 20€ for Bachelor and 15€ for Master students. (see below)
After we received your transaction, you will have access to all exams of the whole Bachelor or Master course. Chemistry as well as Molecular Science.
If you provide us with the exam question of your exams, we will hand you 5€ for each exam. This way, you can re-earn your 20 € or 15 €. You can also access the MZP by paying in person during our opening hours!

IBAN: DE87 7635 0000 0060 0707 26 BIC: BYLADEM1ERH
Verwendungszweck: [YOUR STUDON-ID], [FULL NAME], [YOUR MAJOR]
(Example: he69kawy, Maximilian Böhm, MSc Molecular Science) IMPORTANT! we need to know if you are a grad or undergrad student!

If you are not invited to the StudOn group within one week, please contact us via mail!

What we can do for you

As well as we help you with all matters concerning your studies, we provide exercises for exams (via StudOn). Furthermore, we sell lab-related equipment.

Lab coat27 €
Safety goggles15 €
(Access to our Online-Collection of exercises for exams)
20 € Bachelor
15 € Master
Printing (each page)0,05 € S/W
0,10 € coloured