First steps:

Before you can start studying you have to sign in for the master program at the FAU. This can be done on the following website. There you can find deadlines and requirements for matriculation as well as a list of documents you need to submit. Done with that you have to wait for the confirmation which you can only find on campo, it won´t be send to you by e‑Mail.

Please remember to take part at the information session where all your questions will be answered. The date will be published together with the schedules which you can find on the department website.


A summary of all modules is listed on UnivIS. The registration for the mandatory-elective, the elective and the specialization modules takes place in the StudOn course “Module Selection – Master Program in Chemistry or Molecular Science: study start WS … and SS …”.


You have an oral exam in every module you participate. It will take 45 minutes and you get examined by two professors. The examination periods are in the winter term from middle of February till March and in summer term from September till middle of October. Important to know is that you have to pass the corresponding exam before you start your specialization module and all the exams before you can start your master thesis.

The application sheet for the examination and the associated deadlines can be downloaded on the webpage of the Department.